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Frequently Asked Questions

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What brands does OWN THE COUTURE accept for consignment?

What kind of apparel and accessories does OWN THE COUTURE accept for consignment?

What merchandise might get rejected from consignment?

How does the consignment process work?

What are OWN THE COUTURE’s consignment rates?

How does OWN THE COUTURE price the items for consignment?

How long do you keep my consigned items?

If my item is sold on the OWN THE COUTURE website how do I get paid and when do I get paid? 

What if my item doesn’t sell?

What is the “VIP Service”?

How do I contact you to get “VIP Service”?

How can I be eligible for “VIP Service”?

What do I do if I have items I wish to consign but do not live in the Greater Montreal Area?

How do I ship my items for consignment to OWN THE COUTURE?

Do the items I wish to consign need to be dry-cleaned?

What happens after I have sent you my items for consignment? What is the consignment process?

Do the items I wish to consign have to be timed with the right season?

What if I change my mind about consigning an item that you have and want the item back?

What happens if an item I have consigned is returned?

Will you reduce the price of my items that I have consigned if they do not sell?




How does OWN THE COUTURE classify the condition of the items listed on the website?  What do the different conditions mean?

When will the items I purchased be shipped?

What shipping service does OWN THE COUTURE use to ship items?

How long does it take for shipping?

How much does it cost for shipping?

What is the return tag?

Does OWN THE COUTURE accept returns?

What will you accept if I return it?

How should I send back my return?

Can I drop off my return to the OWN THE COUTURE offices myself to save the shipping fees?

When will I receive my refund? 

What forms of payment does OWN THE COUTURE accept?

Can I see the price of an item in a different currency other than Canadian dollars?

Can I checkout and purchase in another currency than Canadian dollars?

Are the items listed on the OWN THE COUTURE website clean?

Can I pick up an item in person?

What if I like something and want to try it on before I make the purchase, can I come to the OWN THE COUTURE office to try it on? 

Do you guarantee the quality, condition and authenticity of items?


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