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FAQ's - Consigning with OWN THE COUTURE


What brands does OWN THE COUTURE accept for consignment?

OWN THE COUTURE is devoted to bringing you the finest pre-owned designer fashions and accessories. For this reason we focus on carrying the most sought-after luxury designer labels, such as Valentino, Hermès, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Dior, and Gucci, just to name a few. 

You will find the list of designers that we accept for consignment by clicking on our Designer Listing. However if you wish to consign fashions from a designer which is not found in our Designer Listing, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to come back to you to let you know whether or not we can accept the item for consignment.


What kind of apparel and accessories does OWN THE COUTURE accept for consignment?

We love all things fashion, however our expertise is in reselling women’s apparel and women’s accessories such as scarves, sunglasses and shoes. At this time, we do not accept wedding dresses, menswear, watches or children’s clothing.

If you wish to sell your designer handbag, please access our sister site, Love that Bag, at the following link,


What merchandise might get rejected from consignment?

OWN THE COUTURE is dedicated to bringing the most compelling and the highest quality inventory of pre-owned luxury designer fashions and accessories to its customers. For this reason, OWN THE COUTURE will only select hardly worn or never worn items that are in excellent condition with little damage or marks. Items must be new or dry cleaned.

OWN THE COUTURE also carries out a strict authentication process for all the items up for consignment, as OWN THE COUTURE does not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise. If we suspect that an item received for consignment may not be authentic we will contact the seller of the item to obtain a proof of purchase.  If there is still further doubt to the item's authenticity we will return it to the seller and invoice them for the shipping.


How does the consignment process work?

OWN THE COUTURE wants to make it simple for you! 

We’ll take care of listing your items, photographing them, posting them online and shipping them to the buyer.

If you live in the Greater Montreal Area and you have 10 or more items you wish to consign, it’s even easier, as OWN THE COUTURE will pick up your fabulous items for consignment directly from your home!

If you have less than 10 designer fashions in great condition that you wish to consign with OWN THE COUTURE or if you do not live in the Greater Montreal Area you can simply ship your items to us via Canada Post. Simply complete the online consignment form to let us know what you wish to consign.

Click on Consign with Us! for more information on OWN THE COUTURE’s consignment process. 


What are OWN THE COUTURE’s consignment rates?

If you have an item to consign, once the item has sold, you can receive between 50% to 75% depending on the sale price of the item. 


How does OWN THE COUTURE price the items for consignment?

OWN THE COUTURE’s pricing of consigned items is based on several factors, such as the quality and condition of the item, the original selling price, the current selling price of similar designer items, and lastly, we research the current demand and trends in order to define the overall desirability of the item.


How long do you keep my consigned items?

The consignment period of each item to be listed on the OWN THE COUTURE Website is a total of 180 days. The seller of the item must agree to leave the item for the full 180 days. 


If my item is sold on the OWN THE COUTURE website how do I get paid and when do I get paid? 

When a seller’s item is sold, OWN THE COUTURE will issue payment to the seller by cheque once your item has sold and the buyers return period has lapsed.


What if my item doesn’t sell?

If the item has not been sold after 180 days OWN THE COUTURE we will advise the seller when the Consignment Period has ended. We will then ask the seller how they wish to proceed, extend the consignment period, return the items which have not sold or give some items to charity. We will proceed only when we have been provided with instructions by the seller. 


What is the “VIP Service”?

OWN THE COUTURE offers to personally pick up the items for consignment from the seller’s home free of charge. Currently this service is only available to sellers who live in the Greater Montreal Area and have 10 or more items they wish to consign. 

The OWN THE COUTURE representative at the time of the visit will do a preliminary inspection of the items up for consignment and will complete and provide the seller a copy of the inventory form identifying which of the seller's items will be brought to the OWN THE COUTURE offices for the final appraisal process for each item.   The seller will sign the inventory form confirming the items that are being picked up and acknowledge that the items up for consignment are authentic and are not replicas or designer imitations of any kind. 


How do I contact you to get “VIP Service”?

If you live in the Greater Montreal Area and have 10 or more items you wish to consign you can simply email us at consign@ownthecouture or call us at (438) 384-6983 to request the “VIP Service” pick up. 


How can I be eligible for “VIP Service”?

At this time we are only servicing the Greater Montreal Area and you must have at least 10 items to consign. If you do not reside in the Montreal area and/or wish to consign less than 10 items you can ship them to the OWN THE COUTURE warehouse and we'll reimburse the shipping cost if you use Canada Post. Simply complete out our online consignment form to let us know what you wish to consign. 


What do I do if I have items I wish to consign but do not live in the Greater Montreal Area?

We gladly accept consignments from across Canada. To consign with Own The Couture you must first complete our online consignment form to let us know what you wish to consign. After emailing us a photo of your items you can ship the items to the Own The Couture offices.  


How do I ship my items for consignment to Own The Couture?

Firstly, you must complete our online consignment form to let us know what you wish to consign. If possible take a clear picture of each item and include these pictures in your online consignment form. We will then come back to you and confirm which items we will consider for consignment. Then box up the designer clothing and accessories you would like to sell. It's important to pack your items in a plastic bag to avoid any damages from shipping. Since OWN THE COUTURE is not responsible for the items being shipped to us until it arrives at our warehouse, it is recommended that you properly insure the items you are shipping. 

Once we receive your completed consignment form we will contact you with the shipping information.


Do the items I wish to consign need to be dry-cleaned?

Yes, all apparel which have been worn should be dry-cleaned before they are sent to us.  If, upon examination of an item, we deem that it requires dry-cleaning we will have the item dry-cleaned but charge you $15 for the cost of dry-cleaning.


What happens after I have sent you my items for consignment? What is the consignment process?

Once we have received your items for consignment we send you an acknowledgement of receipt by email.  We will then conduct a preliminary inspection to determine the condition and also authenticate the items. Within seven days of the date of the acknowledgement of receipt we will email to confirm which items have been retained for consignment with OWN THE COUTURE. This email will also identify the suggested selling price for each item. We will then ask you to sign the consignment agreement. We shall then professionally photograph each item for consignment and list these items on the OWN THE COUTURE website within fourteen days of the price confirmation. Once items has been sold we will ship the item to the buyer. You will then receive payment by cheque once your item has sold and the buyers return period has lapsed.


Do the items I wish to consign have to be timed with the right season?

It's preferable that the items being consigned do fit with the current season. For example, you could consign a winter coat in May however the chances of selling it at this time period will be lower and the price will most likely be lower than normally expected as well.


What if I change my mind about consigning an item that you have and want the item back?

Of course you can change your mind if the item hasn't been sold. You just have to let us know and we'll send it back to you. If you do wish to cancel the consignment for an item and ask for it back prior to the end of the 180 day listing period, a $25 fee to cover the return-shipping and administrative expenses for each item will be collected prior to the release of each of the consigned items.


What happens if an item I have consigned is returned?

If an item that you have consigned is returned to us by a buyer, the item will be re-listed at the most recent price at which it was listed on the website. We will re-start the clock on the listing period for the duration that remains on the 180 day listing period.


Will you reduce the price of my items that I have consigned if they do not sell?

Yes, if after a certain time an item has not sold, we will contact the seller and recommend that the original selling price of the item be discounted. We will reduce the price of the item once the seller has provided us the approval to do so. 


    If you have any questions with regards to the buying process at OWN THE COUTURE, please consult our FAQ's - Buying from OWN THE COUTURE.


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